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Yarramalong Waler Stud

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"In essence, the Waler was an Australian horse abroad, working chiefly in the countries washed by the Indian Ocean, though also in the Middle East and Asia. Initially, it was a horse bred in New South Wales and imported to India for military, sporting or domestic purposes, and the term remained current there for nearly a century, applying soon to all Australian horses."

- The Sydney Gazette, 30 November 1816

"...there is no doubt that these hardy Australian horses make the finest cavalry mounts in the world... Their records in this war place them far above the cavalry of any other nations."

- Lt Col R.M.P Preston

Welcome to Yarramalong Waler Stud online, proudly owned and run by Pat and Peter Fischer.

Here at Yarramalong, we pride ourselves in our efforts in preserving the authenticity of and sustaining Australia's mighty Waler through breeding only with top quality stallions from proven, genetically isolated remnants of the original Waler breed, as originally defined.

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