Some Facts You Didn’t Know About Waler Horse

The waler horse is a breed of horse that has been known to originate from the land down under, the beautifully amazing Australia. After it was discovered, it was recognized as a breed in the 1850s. They also tend to be between 15 and 16 hands and therefore are often called ‘walers’. They have also been believed to have a bit of thoroughbred, Timor pony, cape and Arab horse in them, mixed in there. Therefore, the breed is indeed very diverse and has been known to be used in a lot of different kind of disciplines.

Here are some interesting facts about waler horses that you may be interested in.

  • Only 1 waler horse came back from the war. For the first-ever world war, 14,000 horses were indeed sent to be used in the war overseas because they are indeed a tough and hardy breed. Just one horse returned back to the country of Australia after the war. That horse was indeed called Sandy and was returned to services of Major General Sir William Bridges. Sandy was then, later on, put down because of medical issues and also because of old age.
  • The breeding associations were not established until the year 1986. There were concerns about the population of the breed, and there was circulation of the fact that these horses were not being preserved. There are also a lot of breeders in Australia even today, and they are also recognized to help and even preserve the origins of the breed.
  • The story behind why the horse is named waler horse is that it originates from New South Wales. And so they are called waler horses and are called that even to this day.
  • Almost 10,000 of these were culled in the year 2013. There was also a lot of controversy when so many of them were culled. People were arguing that shooting these horses will not actually solve any issues with the rising numbers of these horses. The motive of the culling was to reduce the population of these horses. It is, indeed a horrible thing to do.
  • These horses were so popular and are actually still popular because of their brawn and the fact that they are so strong and can do a lot of chores even when they are tired. They must actually be treated well and not slaughtered. Instead of slaughtering, they should have made sure that these horses were sold off or at least donated to nearby farms where they can graze and be free for the rest of their lives. We should be trying to save animals and not doing the opposite.


Some Facts You Didn’t Know About Waler Horse

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